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  The RCG-Team:

  Gabriele Voglgsang

Executive Business Manager and Associate, born 1958 in Bavaria (Germany), Graduate Tax & Accountancy Expert, Trustee, since 1984 in Moraira, Languages: German, Spanish, English.

Direct Contact:gabriele.voglgsang@rcg-consulting.com

  Carlos A. Parra Candia

Associate & Plenipotentiary, born 1956 in Argentina, Lawyer, Specialist in Real Estate- Contract- and Succession- Law, since 1986 in Moraira, Member of the Board of Lawyers of Alicante & Valencia, Trustee, Languages: Spanish, English, French

Direct Contact: carlos.parra@rcg-consulting.com

  Rainer E.Mauerer

Associate & Plenipotentiary, born 1956 in Munich (Germany), Specialist in Real Estate and Finance, Trustee, Insurance Broker, Tax- and Legal Advisor, since 1984 in Moraira, 1999-2003 Member of the Teulada-Moraira Council, Languages: German, Spanish, English, French, Italian

Direct Contact: rainer.mauerer@rcg-consulting.com


  Frida Maurer

Reception, Telephone Exchange, Insurances, Secretary
Languages: German, Spanish, English

Direct Contact: frida.maurer@rcg-consulting.com